When ordering a specific colourway please be specific, I.E. "Crisis shirt, red ink white shirt size M" or "Ramones shirt, blue type, black image, size 2x".  If your unsure if what you want is possible shoot me and email beforehand.  Happy to try new things.

Everything is printed on Gildan garments. If you have a preference please reach out before placing an order as stock changes weekly.  Everything is standard North American sizing.

Some shirts may have very minor discrepancies from example photos on the site, everything is handmade for each order and each print is generally unique.  That being said, there's a high bar set for what we make and our instagram has accurate up to date images of orders as they go out to get a better idea. Ink colours can vary but we always match as close as possible to display images.

If you have an inquiry about getting a batch of shirts done for a distro at wholesale rates email [email protected]